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Branches with Almond Blossom Cross Stitch Pattern - Vincent van Gogh

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Regular and Large print chart included

Includes 5 Finished Sizes

Pattern Keeper compatible

Digital or Book format available

Branches with Almond Blossoms Cross Stitch Pattern Book

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Embark on a stitching journey inspired by the timeless beauty of Vincent van Gogh's "Branches with Almond Blossoms." Our cross stitch pattern faithfully captures the delicate elegance of this iconic masterpiece, allowing you to bring a touch of artistry to your stitching projects.

"Branches with Almond Blossoms" was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1890 as a gift for his newborn nephew. This enchanting work showcases van Gogh's masterful use of color and expressive brushwork, capturing the beauty of nature in full bloom.

Ignite your creativity and immerse yourself in the world of van Gogh with our "Branches with Almond Blossoms" cross stitch pattern. Whether you're a seasoned stitcher or new to the craft, this pattern is sure to inspire and delight.

  • Each chart is available in two formats - regular and large print. Once you make your purchase you will have access to both.

  • Five finished pattern sizes are included. Once you make your purchase you will have access to all 5.

  • Available for immediate download in pdf format.

  • Advanced cross stitch instructions and a floss amount conversion chart are included in the pattern.

  • We use full stitches only, no half or quarter stitches, no backstitching.

  • We guarantee our charts 100%. If you are not happy with your purchase please send us a message.

This chart is a Digital Download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program, to read and print out the file. If you don't have Acrobat Reader CLICK HERE to download. After your purchase is complete you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download your file. You will also have access to the download file when you are logged into your Serenity Stitchworks account.

Level of Difficulty:

Finished Design Sizes:

X-Small Pattern:


288w x 231h stitches

14 count: 20.57 x 16.50 inches - 523mm x 419mm
18 count: 16.00 x 12.83 inches - 406mm x 326mm
20 count: 14.40 x 11.55 inches - 366mm x 293mm
22 count: 13.09 x 10.50 inches - 333mm x 267mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 76 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

Small Pattern:


324w x 260h stitches

14 count: 23.14 x 18.57 inches - 588mm x 472mm
18 count: 18.00 x 14.44 inches - 457mm x 367mm
20 count: 16.20 x 13.00 inches - 411mm x 330mm
22 count: 14.73 x 11.82 inches - 374mm x 300mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 94 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

Medium Pattern:


360w x 289h stitches

14 count: 25.71 x 20.57 inches - 653mm x 523mm
18 count: 20.00 x 16.00 inches - 508mm x 406mm
20 count: 18.00 x 14.40 inches - 457mm x 366mm
22 count: 16.36 x 13.09 inches - 416mm x 333mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 95 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

Large Pattern:


432w x 346h stitches

14 count: 30.86 x 24.71 inches - 784mm x 628mm
18 count: 24.00 x 19.22 inches - 610mm x 488mm
20 count: 21.60 x 17.30 inches - 549mm x 439mm
22 count: 19.64 x 15.73 inches - 499mm x 399mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 95 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

X-Large Pattern:


468w x 375h stitches

14 count: 33.43 x 26.79 inches - 849mm x 680mm
18 count: 26.00 x 20.83 inches - 660mm x 529mm
20 count: 23.40 x 18.75 inches - 594mm x 476mm
22 count: 21.27 x 17.05 inches - 540mm x 433mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 97 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors.

Fabric size necessary for design:
Add six inches to both length and width (3" on each side)