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Vintage Travel Posters

Vintage Travel Posters

High-quality, easy-to-read cross stitch designs - download and print in minutes.

Shop our collection of Vintage Travel Poster cross stitch patterns. Beautiful, high-quality designs. Easy-to-read charts, download and print in minutes.

The most popular and sought after category of all posters on the market today are vintage travel/tourism posters. France, Italy and Germany have been the main contributors of these posters to the world.

The demand for vintage posters has steadily risen through the years due to the scarcity in the market and the high value placed on them. They are popular because they are pieces of artwork that are reminiscent of a bygone era and give the sensation of actually going back in time. They depict real-life travel destinations of a different time and different place. They are nostalgic!

Aside from being a collector’s fancy, vintage posters are also popular because of the aesthetic appeal they bring when accessorizing any room. Instead of purchasing a print replica of an authentic vintage poster, think of how exciting it would be to create your travel poster through cross stitch - and all the compliments you will get!

Some people are attracted to and collect vintage travel posters from places they have visited. Others are attracted to a poster because it is an image of some place they have always wanted to visit. Then there are those who simply enjoy the beauty and energy of the poster. Whatever the reason, they make beautiful and interesting accents for any home, restaurant, theater, museum, etc.