Aagaard, Carl Frederic

Carl Frederic Aagaard Cross Stitch Patterns

Born January 29, 1833, Odense, Denmark
Died November 2, 1895, Copenhagen, Denmark


Welcome to our Carl Frederick Aagard cross stitch patterns category page! Carl Frederick Aagard was a Danish artist who was known for his stunning landscape paintings. Our collection of Carl Frederick Aagard cross stitch patterns features some of his most beautiful works, including Lodge on Lake Como, Pergola in Amalfi, and View to the Amalfi Coast.

Our high-quality cross stitch patterns are carefully crafted to capture the vivid colors and intricate details of Aagard's paintings. Each pattern comes with everything you need to create a work of art that you can treasure for years to come. Whether you're a seasoned cross stitcher or just starting out, our Carl Frederick Aagard patterns are perfect for adding natural beauty to your stitching.