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Americana Bridled Beauty Cross Stitch Pattern

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Regular and Large print chart included

Includes 5 finished sizes

Digital or Book format available

PatternKeeper compatible

Americana Bridled Beauty Cross Stitch Pattern Book

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Welcome to the world of "Americana Bridled Beauty Cross Stitch Pattern" – a captivating ode to the rustic allure of Americana. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of the countryside with this exquisite design, showcasing a magnificent brown horse bedecked in a delicate flower crown and a patchwork blanket gracing its back. With eyes that seem to peer straight into your soul, this majestic equine becomes a mesmerizing focal point of undeniable beauty and grace.

Set against the backdrop of a weathered wood farmhouse, this cross stitch pattern beautifully encapsulates the essence of rural life with its rustic simplicity and pastoral charm. Whether you're a seasoned stitcher or new to the craft, this book caters to all skill levels by offering both regular and large print charts and 5 different finished sizes ensuring accessibility for every enthusiast. Detailed instructions accompany each chart, effortlessly guiding you through every stitch with precision and ease. Additionally, a convenient floss amount conversion chart is included, simplifying the process of gathering materials for your project.

Indulge your passion for cross-stitching and breathe life into the spirit of Americana with "Americana Bridled Beauty Cross Stitch Pattern." Perfect for creating timeless works of art and infusing your home decor with a touch of rustic elegance. Don't wait any longer – order now and embark on a stitching journey filled with charm, nostalgia, and the picturesque beauty of the countryside.

  • Each chart is available in two formats - regular and large print. Once you make your purchase you will have access to both.

  • Five finished pattern sizes are included. Once you make your purchase you will have access to all 5.

  • Available for immediate download in pdf format.

  • Advanced cross stitch instructions and a floss amount conversion chart are included in the pattern.

  • We use full stitches only, no half or quarter stitches, no backstitching.

  • We guarantee our charts 100%. If you are not happy with your purchase please send us a message.

This chart is a Digital Download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program, to read and print out the file. If you don't have Acrobat Reader CLICK HERE to download. After your purchase is complete you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download your file. You will also have access to the download file when you are logged into your Serenity Stitchworks account.

Level of Difficulty:

Finished Design Sizes:

X-Small Pattern:


209w x 288h stitches

14 count: 14.93 x 20.57 inches - 379mm x 523mm
18 count: 11.61 x 16.00 inches - 295mm x 406mm
20 count: 10.45 x 14.40 inches - 265mm x 366mm
22 count: 9.50 x 13.09 inches - 241mm x 333mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 77 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

Small Pattern:


236w x 324h stitches

14 count: 16.86 x 23.14 inches - 428mm x 588mm
18 count: 13.11 x 18.00 inches - 333mm x 457mm
20 count: 11.80 x 16.20 inches - 300mm x 411mm
22 count: 10.73 x 14.73 inches - 272mm x 374mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 96 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

Medium Pattern:


261w x 360h stitches

14 count: 18.64 x 25.71 inches - 474mm x 653mm
18 count: 14.50 x 20.00 inches - 368mm x 508mm
20 count: 31.05 x 18.00 inches - 331mm x 457mm
22 count: 11.68 x 16.36 inches - 301mm x 416mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 96 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

Large Pattern:


314w x 432h stitches

14 count: 22.43 x 30.86 inches - 570mm x 784mm
18 count: 17.44 x 24.00 inches - 443mm x 610mm
20 count: 15.70 x 21.60 inches - 399mm x 549mm
22 count: 14.27 x 19.64 inches - 363mm x 499mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 96 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors

X-Large Pattern:


340w x 468h stitches

14 count: 24.29 x 33.43 inches - 617mm x 849mm
18 count: 18.89 x 26.00 inches - 480mm x 660mm
20 count: 17.00 x 23.40 inches - 432mm x 594mm
22 count: 15.45 x 21.27 inches - 393mm x 540mm
Number of floss colors in the design: 96 (DMC cotton floss) No blended colors.

Fabric size necessary for design:
Add six inches to both length and width (3" on each side)